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My first camera

I've always loved photography. My first camera was a Diana, a cheap novelty item according to Wikipedia, but not to me. I remember being devastated after I left it in the back window of the family car whilst on holiday, and coming back to find it had melted. As I was probably only about 7, I'm just about over it.

My first "real" camera was the ubiquitous Zenit B. For my 15th birthday I was taken for my first proper burger at Uncle Sam's, then across Ecclesall Road in Sheffield to buy it at the Susan Wilding camera shop. I was later to return thtere for my first job as the "Saturday Lad".

Collections of my work My first camera

My photographic education came via the Time Life Library of Photography books. While still at school, every 6 weeks I was sent the next instalment, which I would read from cover to cover, so grew up on the American greats, such as Alfred Stieglizt, Edward Steichen, and of course Ansel Adams. I'd wander the streets of Sheffield taking photos, thinking it wasn't quite New York, but would do for me.

I started working as a professional in the early 1980's, mainly shooting "spanners" for tool and engineering companies. I later moved more to editorial work, and now shoot stills and video for some of the UK's largest and best known companies, agencies and organisations.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my archive, it's an ongoing job to go through the hundreds of thousands of images I've assiduously kept, scanning old negatives and transparencies, sorting hundreds of discs, so please call back, as I keep adding more. You can also visit my commercial site:
or email me at:

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Sheffield Archive1970 - 1999

Photographs from Sheffield from 1975 onwards, after I was given my first camera for my 15th birthday.

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Sheffield Archive2000 - Present Day

Stock images of Sheffield from the start of this century to the present day, including shots of my book "Portrait of Sheffield".

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Sheffield ArchiveBands & Concerts

In the early 80s I was heavily involved in the local music scene, photographing bands such as ABC, Artery, ClockDVA, Pulp and many more.

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North of EnglandArchive

Photographs of South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and other Northern cities, including Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

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Northern EuropeArchive

Pictures of Northern Europe, including Tallin, Riga and Warsaw.

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Central EuropeArchive

Scenes from Central Europe, such as Budapest, Ljubljana, Bratislava and Zagreb.

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Middle and Far EastArchive

Photographs of the Far and Middle East, including Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha in Qatar.